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These are two separate but very important parts within the audio production process. Once a song is produced/composed, arranged and fully recorded there’s further editing that needs to be taken place (Cleaning up, EQ-ing, compressing, adding effects etc.) This is called the MIXING stage. It is crucial to the production process, as a good mix can determine a song’s success or how it is received by the public ear.

After this, each individually mixed and edited instrument track gets exported into one audio file. This audio file; a fully mixed song then has to be prepared for streaming (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal), radio play, PA systems or any other platform you wish your song to be played on. This is called MASTERING; making sure your song is of high quality sound and can stand up against other commercially produced or industry standard material.

Get your tracks professionally mixed and/or mastered by Likkle Jay – Industry standard quality at an affordable price. 

Online Mixing/Mastering Rates: 

  • Vocal Mixes (Just the vocals) – £50 per song 
  • Full track mixes (including instruments and vocals) – £75 per song
  • Mastering – £50 per song 

Please email likklejay@gmail.com with your tracks to mix/master and for further rates on projects (EPs/Mixtapes/Albums etc.)