LIKKLE JAY - Music Producer / Engineer

Hi, I’m Likkle Jay. I’ve been creating and producing music since I was a little girl (The name has stuck with me ever since). Music has always been a hobby and passion of mine, which I decided to take more seriously going into college, where I studied my craft in more depth. This has lead me to venture into engineering as well. I believe my job, as a producer/engineer, is to help and assist an artist or client into bringing their musical vision to life; maybe taking it even further than they could imagine.

After years of doing various production and engineering work, my productions have already racked up over hundreds of thousands of streams. From working on the ‘NEXXT STEP – Behind Every Great City’ project in 2018, to more recent and upcoming releases from the likes of Chase Young, Vicky Pasion, CHARLIE IS READY and more.. (Plus the additional mixing and mastering credits).