Likkle Jay is a music producer and engineer from the UK. Her debut self-released single ‘Diamonds’ was released April 2020 and is currently an MTV Base play-listed music video. Making beats from a young age and having been behind the scenes for the last few years doing various production, engineering and session work – Likkle Jay is pleased to announce 2020 as the first year for releasing her own singles. Despite 2020 being Likkle Jay’s first time self-releasing music, her productions have already racked up hundreds of thousands of streams. From working on the ‘NEXXT STEP – Behind Every Great City’ project in 2018, to more recent and upcoming releases from the likes of Chase Young, Vicky Pasion, Charlie Is Ready and more.. (Plus the additional mixing and mastering credits). Although Likkle Jay’s personal taste and influences lie in R&B.. with so many previous collaborations and works within different styles, her production is nothing short of versatile. You can expect her upcoming releases to each bring something new and exciting to look forward to.

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Prod. By Likkle Jay